Paginae Naturalis (2013)

ritratti reali di animali fantastici

“A botany book without illustrations would be like a geography book without maps.”
John Ray, 1684.

Paginae naturalis is an exhibition of acrylic paintings on paper, a collection of naturalistic illustrations, a “wunderkammer’ of colored spots, a figment of the imagination.

The work of Hitnes, whether painted straight on to a wall, drawn on paper, or etched on copper, always interprets and draws inspiration from the forms found in the natural world.

The 135 pieces in this exhibition follow the species of animals within the collections of the Museo Civico di Zoologia of Roma, and are shown alongside the specimens prepared by taxidermists, in the same cases.

Art mimics science. Art concocts science. Animal forms infuriate, brushstrokes capture the essence of claws, feathers become dashes of colour, and attention is gripped by the minute details of a beak.

Paginae naturalis is a catalogue of “semi-false” painted animals, and their fictional categories, where the painter uses his mark to play with reality that melts into a blurred imitation.

Foto di Attila Remai

microbubo diluculo
23x31.5 cm

aidolon penitentis
25x38 cm

phantacignus hithesianus: amantes
63x45 cm


microchelis malacologica
27,5x50 cm

    • paleogator crocodilus
115x40 cm

vetusbufo spectabilis

auferotoctopus aufere
30x41 cm

gasterotenia sola
27,5x44 cm

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