Green Heron, Pickering creeck MA

THE IMAGE HUNTER the Journey (2015 )

‘What drives a man to dedicate his life to pursue his obsession for hunting images? ’

This was the fundamental question ‘The Image Hunter’ sought to answer during a three-month journey
through America. ‘The Image Hunter’ was a more than twenty-city, self-financed
road trip to retrace and rediscover the America that John James Audubon
traversed in the making of The Birds of America.

From late July to late October 2015, the Roman artist Hitnes traveled along Audubon’s exploratory
paths from the 1800s, delving into the current state of the birds he documented
and attempting to recreate in three months that which took Audubon thirty years.

The remains of this epic piece of performance art are the sketches and materials gathered - live matter
and photographic - in the contemporary American wilderness, as well as the 15
public murals painted during Hitnes’ brief emergences from the wild into modern
American urban capitals. This material will then be revealed to the public via
an exhibition in an American museum.THE IMAGE HUNTER the Exhibition.

Video documentation by filmmaker Giacomo Agnetti, which captures the sites, sounds, and spirits encountered
along the way will be turned into a documentary feature scheduled for release
in 2018. THE IMAGE HUNTER the Film.

more info on www.theimagehunter.org

    • Dscn6800
Marsh Wren, Pine island NC

    • Dscn6809
American redstart, Summerville SC

    • Dscn6841
Charleston SC

    • Dscn6818

    • Avvoltoi
Turkey volture sketches

    • Dscn6831
Turkey volture, Charleston SC

    • Dscn6833
Barn Owl, Charleston SC

    • Dscn6850
Okefenokee swamp GA

    • Dscn6897

    • Dscn6880
Brown Pellican, Miami FL

    • Dscn6911
The everglades FL

    • Dscn6953

    • Elefas 23
Roseate Spoonbill sketches

    • Dscn6944
Roseate Spoonbill, St.Petersburg FL

    • Dscn6970
Red bellied Woodpecker, Pascagoula river MS

    • Elefas 1
Red bellied Woodpecker sketches

    • Dscn6972
Red bellied Woodpecker, Pascagoula river MS

    • Dscn6974
Grate blue Heron and Little blue Heron, NewOrleans LA

    • Dscn7010
Pine Warbler, NewOrleans LA

    • Dscn7011
Osprey, Owensboro KY

    • Dscn7043
WIld Turkey, Lexington KY

    • Elefas 39
Wild Turkey sketches

    • Dscn7048
FishCrow, NewYork NY